Human Rights and Ezra

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Human Rights and Ezra

Isn't Ezra Levant just the quintessential victim. Always whining and complaining and feeling sorry for himself about how badly he is treated and begging on his web site for his readers to pony up and pay for the self obsessed little battle he pretends he is fighting for the rest of us.

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Looks like this is in the wrong forum. Moving to media.

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Well, it looks to be a brief opinion and that is about it, no link, no details, no nothin.


No link required in Ezra's case. Google is good enough.

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well if that is the case then no link should ever be required


Not often I agree with Unionist but here I do. Everyone knows what a blowhard this man is and if you don't just go to his blog. But if you really want a great link to understand Ezra try this:


Professor Richard Moon who has supported the removal of  section 13 from the Canadian Human Rights Act (hate speech provisions) has described Ezra as a person who "makes things up":


"Richard Moon, the University of Windsor law professor who last fall became a darling of right-wing free speech advocates when he recommended scrapping the federal human rights hate-speech law, on Monday lashed out at his admirers.


He accused them of launching a "smear campaign" against human rights commissions and "baseless personal attacks" against their staff...


"I urge the committee not to be taken in by these individuals. They don't care about the truth. They make stuff up," he said in a submission to an Ontario government committee reviewing the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario...


Prof. Moon targeted Ezra Levant in particular, whose blog is a clearinghouse for skepticism of human rights law, and who claimed the day before Prof. Moon's report was released that it had been "redacted by Jennifer Lynch," the chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.


"The claim was false," Prof. Moon told the all-party panel. "I was given complete independence, and when my report was released the following day and recommended the repeal of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the falsity of Levant's claim was obvious. He had just made it up."





remind wrote:

well if that is the case then no link should ever be required

Got a link for that?



I have to concur with Unionist. There is plently of information on the net and posted here about Ezra Levant's views. I personally can't stand the man. There is no link needed. The stuff on Ezra levant is all over the place, including here.