LIGHTS OUT: Armenia's Ontario - private energy kills environment, economy and people

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LIGHTS OUT: Armenia's Ontario - private energy kills environment, economy and people

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“We will not stand by and allow our treasured public lands to be marred forever by a corporate giveaway to private industrial energy developers,” Ms. Parker said.

ontario premier mcguinty by ivona vujica. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuilty of selling off Ontario to private                          energy corps: "FERC Ontario!"
Despite the availability of abundant renewable energy sources in Armenia
World Bank-Mandated Energy Privatization Taxes Armenia's Poor

 the international privatization advisor of the Government of Armenia. ...

by Rob Maguire

...inability to pay these inflated rates now results in disconnection.  ...Andrei Rappaport, a senior official for Unified Energy System of Russia, and the new owner of several Armenian generating facilities: "If you want energy pay for it, and if there is not any money to pay, then goodbye."

The poor in particular were forced to cut electricity .. the typical [poor] household barely has enough electricity to power a refrigerator and a handful of light bulbs...[yet] electricity mak[es] up the bulk of [its bill] payments > the move towards ... wood [burning]... air pollution and accelerated deforestation.



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Earth First! Blockades Giant Industrial Wind Turbines in Pristine Wilderness

“If we really want to look at how the North Woods can mitigate climate change, we should restore our forest and protect sensitive ecosystems, like those on Sisk  and Kibby Mountain,” said Ryan Clark of Maine Earth First! “
“In the face of the Gulf Oil Disaster, and massively destructive coal mining, we recognize the value of developing alternative energy systems,” said Meg Gilmartin of Maine Earth First! “But these projects are a perfect example of how corporations and investors are taking advantage of the climate and energy crises to make profits while  avoiding accountability.
We don’t view projects on this industrial scale as being the  solution to our problems.”

TransCanada, the transnational corporation responsible for the devastating practice of tar sands oil extraction in Alberta, Canada,[and privatizing energy production in Ontario] has already built 24 mammoth turbines on Kibby Mountain, and has begun construction of an additional 22 turbines, a process that includes significant road building and wide transmission line corridors.  These projects ... threaten to permanently change the face of Maine’s North Woods, the largest undeveloped wilderness east of the Mississippi river. Both Sisk and Kibby Mountain projects will reap huge benefits for TransCanada and the landowner Plum Creek.


[url=][u][color=blue][siz... Sachs set to plan sell-off of Ontario assets[/size][/color][/u][/url]

[color=red]Huge and controversial banking firm has a history of playing both sides in privatization deals[/color]

"We are talking about the sale of the most lucrative and amongst the most strategic of Ontario's assets. The advisors for this sale are a company that has been charged with a billion dollar fraud and reportedly is under criminal investigation. The Toronto Star reports that 62 American lawmakers have asked the Department of Justic to conduct a criminal probe of Goldman. "

Tabuns worries that the company's advice could could cost Ontario billions of dollars per year in lost revenue and result in a "fire sale of assets to tide the Liberals through the next election," recalling the sale by the Conservative government of Highway 407. "It was sold by the Harris government in the same situation, a deficit, a looming election and the need for cash. Ontario is still paying for that mistake. Remember, these assets generate over $4 billion a year in revenue. A loss of our Hydro assets undermines our ability to shape the economic base and future of the province."

[url= law targets Goldman Sachs-like banks in Ontario[color=orange]:Ontario New Democratic Party[/color][/url]