National daily newspaper for progressives?

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National daily newspaper for progressives?

In Canada, we don't have much choice when it comes to national daily newspapers to buy:

1) Globe and Mail

2) National Post

3) Toronto Star

Which, if any, of these papers is the "best" for progressive readers? If you had to choose one to subscribe to, which would it be? Are there regional papers that would be better?

Finally, if progressives put the heads & money together, could they improve the coverage and content of of progressive issues overall by organising to switch their subscription to the most progressive-friendly paper?

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scott scott's picture

I think it is a bit of a stretch to call the Star a national paper. Here in dEdmonton it can only be found in specialty newsagents. The Globe and Post can be found everywhere.

I read the Globe for national news and the dEdmonton Journal for less rabidly right wing local and Alberta news and for a window into the oil patch.

Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

Sadly, none of those papers is progressive in orientation. The Post is capital-'C' CONservative, the Globe small-c conservative (which actually makes it the least offensive to me most of the time), and the Star is capital 'L' Liberal (making it alternately borderline palatable and insanely, frustratingly hypocritical).

I find the weekly urban papers reasonably progressive, though - Eye and Now in T.O., the Straight in Vancouver, and equivalents I've seen in Montreal and Ottawa, with names that slip my mind....


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Jeez hayduke, don't call the Toronto Star a national newspaper! Sheesh!

You'll activate the Toronto haters. And they KNOW who they are.

Tongue out


I, for one, don't hate Toronto. Hatred is an emotion.



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@ Maysie. You called?

And I am in agreement with Unionist up to a point, hate is an emotion... just may not be the right one.

Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

As I said above, the urban weeklies are the ones to read. They're often the only ones that tell you what is really going on.

Perhaps they could come together to produce a common national insert?

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Here's a radical idea.

Instead of trying to pick the least nonprogressive daily from a handful of corporate media, why not try launching a credible progressive daily?

Just sayin' is all.


How would people rate "The Tyee"? (