New babbler - sorta

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New babbler - sorta

I'd like to introduce you all to BabyWood, who was born on Feb 21st at 1:30pm.

She is a very happy, very health 7 lb 11 oz little girl. Her favorite activities include turning formula into diaper filler, cuddling her doting daddy, making cute faces, and being the apple of her big sister's and big brother's eye.

MamaWood is recovering well and is in wonderful spirits.

This morning, she wouldn't tolerate anyone but her dad feeding her and holding her until he went to work. Fortunately, she was just fine with Grandma changing her diaper (tee hee).


Congrats, Heywood.


Congratulations!  Lovely news. :)  She'll be babbling soon enough!


That's wonderful Heywood, congratulations!  Babies are great, as you probably already know.


(I think we should all chip in and buy the wee tyke an NDP membership.)

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From now on, the vast majority of my posts may be about how cute and adorable and perfect she is.

So.....consider yourself warned.

And thank you everyone.

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Congratulations on the new boss, hope time goes by slowly so you can enjoy (except the diaper bit - hope that goes quick!).


Hey heywood, congratulations!! Babies are sooooo cute.


No wonder you've been strangely silent here: contemplating immortality. Congratulations to you and to Mom, Heywood!


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Congrats to the growing family Heywood!



 Want pictures, if you get the time and so desire.