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Hey all, I've read rabble several times but never really participated here. I once considdered myself a PC, but now find the Green Party is closest to my own ideoligy in most ways. The current Conservative Party with no Progressive component is a true tragedy.

I'm hoping for a spring election for many reasons. My frustration with the current government has been building for many years, and I can no longer keep track of all the issues and scandals so I've made a parody site for my own cathartic purposes which I like to share.



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Hi Tux, welcome to babble. Lovely site! I feel more patriotic already.

There are lots of threads speculating about the possibility of an election and how it will turn out. I look forward to reading some of your thoughts on the boards!


Welcome to babble!


I'm new too. I read rabble but this is my first attempt to post here.

Election anyone?Wink

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Hi Jacee, welcome to babble. Yes: election. Believe me, if babblers catch a whiff of one (some already have) there won't be a moments respite here until months after the smoke clears.


hi yall

art-of-walking here

who in their right mind would participate in an election which includes a party contemptuous of parliament, canadians, and democracy?

i mean, really! why bother? there's no election necessary.... they're gone!


someone call the f'n police


Exactly.  They should be lashed to the nearest log and sent through the rinse cycle over the Chaudiere Falls.