OPP calling us “resisters” – phone calls, visits, background checks on WCO members

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OPP calling us “resisters” – phone calls, visits, background checks on WCO members

OPP calling us “resisters” – phone calls, visits, background checks on WCO members


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Papal Bull

To be honest, I think it is a little odd that people come to forums and just dump their blog link with a title and expect people to care. Other blog based folk on this board tend to at least write up a post and offer to begin/engage in conversation


So, I'll start it.


I am tired of your NIMBYism. I live between two nuclear power plants (really). So, I'm living between two beastly reactor cores that are bubbling at thousands of degrees and, if in the unlikely event they fail, everything that I have ever known and had would become a decrepit radioactive waste stretching from Toronto in the west to, I dunno, Newcastle in the east. It makes fishing on Lake Ontario weird. It makes that big sludge pile that I can see from the hill by my house (sludge pile = Lake Ontario) ever less attractive.

So, my usual thought regarding the NIMBY anti-renewables crowd. Please, don't have windmills, agitate against them. But I want where you are to be ringed with power plants - nuclear, coal, whatever. Smart planing can spare you the eye sore of a white, spinning wind mill generating clean energy. It can keep you out of the shadows (which suck, my school has wind turbines that break the path of the sun so that when you're in the hallway it has a strobe light effect). But if I lived a few kilometres from an industrial windfarm I think I'd sleep a lot more soundly than being surrounded by two things that will forever ruin the land they are planted on.


Gee, PB, I hope ivujica comes back and engages us some more. I like your points. I also checked their website and found they have over 40 affiliated groups across Ontario. I picked [url=http://wegrait.wordpress.com/]one at pure random[/url] - "West Grey Residents Against Industrial Turbines" - and found articles ridiculing climate change science. I'll let you know what the rest of my investigation reveals.

ETA: Ok, hahaha, report #2. I picked a second "member group" at random - CORT - the coaltion of residents of Tiny Township. Here's their [url=http://www.cort.ca/environment.htm]environmental news[/url] section. Striking similarity to the West Grey folks. Oh, and the [url=http://www.americanpolicy.org/more/commonismreplacescommunism.htm]lead article on their home page[/url] is entitled: "Commonism" Replaces Communism New Name, but Same Subversion.



Thanks for that, PB - I've thought similar things about these anti-windmill people a long time.


Why on earth would someone be anti windmill?

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Don Quixote, his horse Rocinante and his squire Sancho Panza after an unsuccessful attack on a windmill. By Gustave Doré


All right, now that was amusing.


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Smart people come and go, but fools last forever. nyuk-nyuk.


Destruction of Ontario's wilderness, farmlands, people's communities, people's lives and livelihoods, people's health, and Ontarian's access to energy through private industrial-scale energy projects is not an answer to phasing out of fossil fuel - radioactive energy industry – it is a replica of the underlying principles which have brought us to the brink of extinction. 

"Public Power: Energy Production in the 21st Century"  by Howard Hampton


We should listen with open heart and mind to the energy concerns of all Ontarians. When analyzed, the priorities of people fighting gas, nuclear, coal and industrial-scale private energy farms end up being the same. We all want preservation and improvement of our environment, economy, energy access, and people's decision-making power and health.


What's at stake with the private industrial-scale energy farms?

people's access to energy

people's planning, decision-making power and participation regarding the new energy system in Ontario

people's health

people's communities / ability to preserve homes

people's livelihoods / economy: preserve existing and create new work opportunities for all Ontarians

integration of different types of renewable energy sources into one coherent and robust energy system

integration of integrated renewable types of energy with existing and novel infrastructure

preservation and restoration of water, wilderness, farmlands, and people's communities

through local distributed integrated environmentally sound cool community-empowering energy system in Ontario


Private industrial wind farms meet none of these criteria. They are replicating the underlying principles of fossil fuels and radioactive energy system which has brought us to the brink of extinction.


They are fostering divisions among Ontarians. Instead of joining hands and proactively working towards an ENERGY SYSTEM WE WANT IN ONTARIO, we have ended up attacking each other and letting Premier McGuilty dance on the grave of our defeat.


Heeding to the concerns of people fighting private industrial energy farms reveals the message that the wind power is great and that Ontarians want it. What about 50 strong communities in Ontario are pointing out is that they would like to see the wind projects which in scale, purpose, governance, planning, participation, decision-making, health and environmental consideration is of benefit to their communities.


At least what we could learn from their struggle is that the private industrial wind has crossed out the existence of about 50 communities in Ontario. Ontario government has mobilized its police forces to ensure the nullification of Ontario's communities, and the protection of private industrial energy interests which are not meant to benefit Ontarians in any way.


Private industrial - scale energy farms are not built in Ontario so that fossil – fuel and nuclear plants can be phased out. Production of coal -, gas and uranium fired energy is on the increase in Ontario. They are not built because of the concerns for energy efficiency in energy production. No centralized energy production with long-distance transmission is energy efficient! They are not built to ensure Ontarian's access to energy. Hey, they are privately owned. They are not built for the integrity of our environment, our economy, our communities, our health and our democracy.


They are not built for us.

They are built for energy exports, and for profits that you and I or those 50 communities will never see translate into any types of benefits for our communities, and our beautiful province. The profits will pad the pockets of the current privatizing energy system bureaucracies bent on dissolving public energy in Ontario.


What we need is to work together towards the energy system we want to see in Ontario. People fighting private industrial energy farms have the same goals as you do: closing down of the fossil – radioactive energy production in Ontario, and development of community-informed, public, integrated renewable energy across the whole province of Ontario which will achieve the integrity for Ontario's water, land, wilderness, farms, people's livelihoods, AND ACCESS TO ENERGY.


People fighting private unnatural gas, coal, nuclear, industrial energy farms have the same objectives and should be joining hands in one strong fight for the energy system WE want to see grow in Ontario.




Ah, dialogue... there's nothing like it.