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Rabble Toolbox introduction

Greetings Babblers,

I'd like to  introduce myself and the project I will be working on over the next few months.  I'm a Toronto area activist with an interest (and background) in media and web development. I'm also the primary developer of the rabble Toolbox,  an upcoming feature of the site which I hope you will all get excited about. The Toolbox will be a wiki of various activist tools -- documents, how-to's, images archives, links, online organizations, definitions -- all user contributed.

I will be building this wiki in conjuction with the Rabble techs and staff, but the most important component of the development of this tool will be the rabble members. Besides contributing content to the Toolbox once it is launched, we'll be keen to hear your feedback. 

We plan to have a beta-test period before the public launch of the Toolbox which some of you may want to be a part of. We'll also be actively soliciting feedback both before and after the official launch from the rabble community, perhaps through a thread on Babble dedicated to it. And of course we will be posting news about the project on the rabble site.

Stay tuned!

Justin Saunders

Rabble Toolkit Architect 





Welcome, Justin!  Nice to e-meet you. :)


Hi justin!


Exciting! Welcome, Justin!


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Hi folks!

Been seeing some of your postings elsewhere (yes, I've been lurking since creating this account).



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Sounds great!  Welcome Justin!