(re-)introducing myself

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(re-)introducing myself

hello all


i used to be a regular reader & poster here, back in a past life when i was a vaguely enby student with all of the opinions and facts, dammit! and frankly the time on my hands to research and articulate them. a lot.

so ya... to now,  i'm a lefty leaning trans girl from southwestern ontario, with just enough experience of life to know that she needs to learn more. i'm gonna browse & lurk a bit before jumping in fully to ongoing discussions, but in the brief time i have been nosing around lately i am seeing some familiar names. on the one hand, it's great to see people still here that i remember from like sixteen or seventeen years ago; on the other, jeez i feel old. 

so hello! hope to be engaging more before too long :) 

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..welcome kacey_cyborg!  :)


Yes, welcome - or welcome back!


Welcome back! I'm the moderator for babble (and recently approved your request to re-join). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me :)

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Welcome back. I hope to see more of you.


Mr. Magoo

Welcome aboard, again.

But I can't find any record of a "kacey_cyborg" here.  I can't compel you to tell us who you used to be back then, but if you wanted to share...?

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oooh, no. not gonna deadname myself. and i'm not even 100% of the login i would have used back then anyway, tho it likely would have based on my former boy name.

but i was here near the beginning -- i met judy r. in quebec city in april 2001, and i signed up not long after launch. i would have been most active until around  2004 or 2005, and had probably completely drifted away by 2006 or so -- more to do with what was going on in my own life than anything here (i remember the splinter board; and would have been here for a little while after that; tho that wouldn't be why i stopped participating)



Hi kacey, welcome back. So many people have come and gone on these forums over the years, and it is always nice to hear from old posters.

And wow, to have been on these forums for well over a decade? You're right, where did the time go?


Welcome kacey_cyborg

I c u haven't been very active lately and wanted to bumb your introduction thread to stir some interest in you to post.