Well howdy folks!

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Hurtin Albertan
Well howdy folks!

Well howdy there folks, it's me the Hurtin Albertan!

I've been reading a lot on babble but have never posted before tonight.

I am not here to troll, so I won't be starting a lot of topics.

I do however agree very strongly with your babble mission statement or policy objectives or terms of endearment or whatever it was I agreed to so I could get an account.  I do suspect I could disagree strongly with many of you on the best ways to go about accomplishing the mission statement or what have you, but like I said my intentions are pure.  I am not here to troll.

I would like to do some writing this winter, I would like to try my hand at some fiction, and would like to have some well rounded characters with realistic dialogue.

I am reasonably sure I will meet some well rounded characters here, and hope to have some realistic dialogues with you all.

Hurtin Albertan

Guess there ain`t none of you around the corral here tonight so I`m a gonna mosey off to the back forty and herd me up some strays.  And maybe have me a chaw of terbaccy while I`m at it.


Gosh durn it! I sure as shootin' hope you don't write your whole novel in that style.

Hurtin Albertan

Which style?

The elegantly crafted prose in the first post?

Or that thar rootin'ist tootin'ist best dang donged lingo in the second?