Will the pain never end?

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Will the pain never end?

WHY (I know I'm not nearly the first to ask this!) could Al Gore not have been as anally intense as Al Franken's terminal opponent and perhaps have saved us 8 abominable world-wrecking years of Dubya?...and I'm from Texas (but I have never, ever voted for a Bush...I know them all too well!) I know we should suck it up at this point and try and move on from the Dark Dubya Ages, but it's sooo hard to just do it! Cheers from 'notarushbimbofan'

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I thought it ended 6 months ago?

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Evidently some Texans are having a hard time moving on, even though the Dems are back in.

And the 2000 election was stolen, nothing to do with Al Gore. Counting all the votes in Florida wasn't at a high priority level back then.

Oh, and editing the title to not have all caps. And welcome to babble, notarush, even though I'm not thrilled with your name.

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I was going to say I was not thrilled too, but decided to let it go, not say welcome and just watch the posting progression.