Wow, Never thought a place like this existed. LOL

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Wow, Never thought a place like this existed. LOL


I've been hanging back for a period, trying to get the lay of the land. Read the Policy page and have this to say. This place is really stale man. Hardly anything gets posted. Tender, neurotic sensibilities are so easily offended. It is a place where people who cannot defend the contradictions of their own pathologies go to lay among other inflicted people and pick the lice from each others fur and eat them like ignorant apes. You say nothing anti-feminist or anti-multiculturalist will be tolerated. When what you really mean is nothing pro-male or pro-white will be tolerated. In reality the only place you people can discuss your precious earth changing progressive concepts and social observations, is a place like this - a place where nobody and any time is permitted to challenge their legitimacy. Its why no one here had anything bad to say about North Korea - because North Korea, in concept, is a direct reflection of this horrid, cloistered, stagnant place, where it's never necessary to defend faulty, harmful, ridiculously flawed concepts and opinions, because anyone who questions them is banned (on in North Korea's case, imprisoned). Anyway, carry on. I'll continue to watch, but I can't participate because the one time I did, I had to shower for a half hour just to get the stink of oppression off me.  


Goodbye Rapacioustwit.


Hey, you're not supposed to be doing this until the 3rd.  Jeeze, a guy can't even have a sleepin on a Saturday!

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