All against the Haul

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All against the Haul

I just joined this site and posted this public comment:

Aside from the environmental impacts, this work is supposed to be Canadian. It provides so much work that we can assist the unemployed Americans.
Call up the IBEW, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and ask them why they are doing nothing to fight this.

I would encourage every IBEW 424 Member to join BECAUSE THIS IS OUR WORK that has been stolen from us by the Conservative Government letting this happen.

Just use an American address to join and post your comments.
Really... pass this on if you are really serious about having work to feed your families.
This is serious!

George Victor

quote: "Just use an American address to join and post your comments"


I read about the "need" to use an American route to the Tar Patch because the equipment being brought in is too large for other bridges, overpasses, etc.


But "use and American Address" causes hackles to rise. These states are dedicated to God and buying American first. Only Americans (with an American address) need apply?


I posted news about this in the environmental justice forum:


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Thanks zazzo. Please continue discussion in that thread.

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