Amazon Union Busting Tactis Exposed

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Amazon Union Busting Tactis Exposed

Krystal Ball reported on the lengths Amazon is going to in blocking unionization. It is really disturbing the lengths they are going to, and this could have implications for all kinds of workplaces. It's so bad that the technology will actually fire you rather than managers.

She also notes that Amazon is using the social distancing rules against union organizing.

Also take a look at the 911 calls that come in from Amazon warehouses:

The Daily Beast's report was based on interviews with current and former employees and a review of 911 call logs and police records.

"It's this isolating colony of hell where people having breakdowns is a regular occurrence," the former Amazon employee Jace Crouch told The Daily Beast. An anonymous employee told The Daily Beast that the company treated its workers like "robots."

The Daily Beast said its report was "not evidence that Amazon staffers experience suicidal episodes more often than other American workers, in or out of a warehouse." And the rate of suicide in the US is on the rise — the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention estimated that there were 1.4 million suicide attempts in the US in 2017.

Amazon disputes this characterization of its work culture and said it offers employees a number of resources when it comes to mental health.