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Add your bad boss stories here but don't ever expect to read about them in the mainstream newspapers




Local Subway franchise gets 'Bad Boss' award

According to a release from the Federation's Employee Action Rights Network (EARN) issued today, Anil Dhawan, owner of Subway franchises on the city's affluent west side, requires his employees to sign a form renouncing their legal right to premium pay when they work overtime.

The Tyee has learned that the Employment Standards Branch of the Ministry of Labour will respond to the Federation complaint by launching an investigation. However, it is not clear how aggressively the investigation will be pursued; a Ministry spokesperson described the goal as "getting the employer's side of the story."

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Just watched a movie about horrible bosses and how to kill them. It was a comedy.

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Standing up to Wage Theft

Workers confront temp agency paying $9.00 per hour

Today, a group of workers visited a temp agency that paid them less than minimum wage for over a year. When workers' spoke out about this violation they lost their job. With the support of the Workers' Action Centre, these workers returned to demand their unpaid wages.

Workers are waiting to see if the temp agency fulfills its promise to pay by Monday. "We are not going to give up" said Aliza, one of the workers owed wages. "We are standing up for our rights, because If they did this to us, for sure they could do it to other workers."

Despite the fact that workplace violations like these are a common for workers in Ontario, the Ministry of Labour recently cut $6 million from Employment Standards enforcement. "Workers should not be forced to do the Ministry of Labour's job" said Karen Dick of the Workers' Action Centre. "We need to see a real commitment from the Ontario government to stop wage theft."

Help us tell Minister of Labour, Linda Jeffrey, to take a strong stand to protect Ontario workers. Put $6 million back into protecting workers from wage theft.


Send a tweet to Minister of Labour Linda Jeffrey and include @LindaJeffrey in your message

Sample message:

@LindaJeffrey, workers need #strong action to #stopwagetheft. Where is the $6 [email protected]

@Linda Jeffrey, temp workers paid $9/hr in Ontario. #stopwagetheft and bring back the $6 million @WorkersAC

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An Australian civil servant will be compensated for an injury she suffered while having sex during a business trip, media reports say.

Justice John Nicholas ruled in the woman's favour after she appealed a workers' compensation ruling against her to Australia's federal court.

The woman, in her late 30s, worked in human relations for a government agency.


Absolute amateurs.  I worked for AIG during the "Hank years" (if you have no idea why I added that commen, stop reading).  In the day one of the business mags ran an article re the "ten worst bosses" (as in most demanding, etc.)  Hank was number two and was seriously upset because he wasn't number one.

No joke, but anyone that you want to name was/is a pussycat in comparison.


Too bad.

Too bad, that is was a fictional comedy, that is. Tongue out



PS Calm down folks, that was a joke.


Boom Boom wrote:

Just watched a movie about horrible bosses and how to kill them. It was a comedy.