BC Minimum Wage Increase?

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BC Minimum Wage Increase?

Radio stations in Vancouver reporting Labour Minister Murray Coell telling delegates at UBCM convention in Whistler BC Libs are going to raise the BC minimum wage. Could this be a side effect of the anti-HST campaign? Coell is on the recall list...


[url=http://www.timescolonist.com/sports/British+Columbia+province+that+doesn... Columbia: 'The province that doesn't look after its kids'[/url]

“We lead the pack in child poverty and we have a reputation as the province that doesn’t look after its kids,” says Michael McKnight, CEO of United Way of the Lower Mainland.[...]McKnight believes the reason B.C. has a gap in support for young families is that governments are locked into a nearsighted four-year election cycle, ignoring long-range funding strategies in favour of short-term, politically motivated spending. Cutting into child poverty and early vulnerability problems demands an official poverty-reduction strategy and commitment to raising family incomes through living-wage (salaries adjusted to real cost of living) legislation, McKnight argues.

Blowing the whistle on Liberal B.C.s systematic child abuse.

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Not only is BC the child poverty capital of Canada, but it also has the lowest minimum wage in Canada. That's not counting the two-tiered wage system for "new" or "young" workers ... which is $2/hr lower than the "minimum". Of course, that doesn't stop BC from being one of the most expensive provinces to live in ...

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Vancouver's living wage hits $18 an hour



Working people in Metro Vancouver need to earn more than $18 an hour in order to meet the most basic costs of raising a family, a new report says.

The study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives focused on two-parent families raising two children in Metro Vancouver to determine what they would need to earn a so-called living wage.

It found that in order to pay for the essentials of food, rent, childcare and transportation, two people working full-time need to earn $18.17 an hour apiece.

One of the report's authors, Seth Klein, told CBC News the figure is based on a very conservative budget.

"There is no money for savings or retirement. There is no money for savings for a child's post secondary education. The family rents a home, they don't own. There is no money for debt or credit card interest," Klein said.

Who's taking bets the Libs are raising minimum wage by 10$ an hour?