Byron Sonne Not Guilty On G20 Explosives Charges

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Byron Sonne Not Guilty On G20 Explosives Charges

Byron Sonne Not Guilty on G20 Explosives Charges

"Byron Sonne, the so-called 'G20 geek' accused of plotting to bomb the 2010 summit of world leaders in downtown Toronto, was found not guilty Tuesday of all charges, ending his nearly two year legal saga..."


G20 Report Blasts Police for Violations of Civil Rights

"Police violated civil rights, detained people illegally and used excessive force during the G20 summit two years ago, a new report concludes. To read the full report follow these links..."


I thought I would add a bit more. This is the face of a totalitarian government. it is the same face that the students in Quebec are having to endure.  Our MSM vilifies the "violence" of our protestors and demands NATO intervene to protect "protestors" who bomb police stations and government buildings. It is all connected and one cannot fight the descent into fascism without understanding the connections. 


The Office of the Independent Police Review Director found police breached several constitutional rights during the tumultuous event, in which more than 1,100 people were arrested, most to be released without charge.

"Some police officers ignored basic rights citizens have under the charter and overstepped their authority when they stopped and searched people arbitrarily and without legal justification," the review states.

The 300-page report, which provides a detailed look at the events that weekend, finds that protesters were not the only ones who resorted to violence.

"Numerous police officers used excessive force when arresting individuals, and seemed to send a message that violence would be met with violence," the report states.

"The reaction created a cycle of escalating responses from both sides."

The report takes aim at police tactics at the provincial legislature, which had been set up in advance as a protest zone. It says the force used for crowd control and in making arrests was "in some cases excessive."

"It is fair to say the level of force used in controlling the crowds and making arrests at Queen's Park was higher than anything the general public had witnessed before in Toronto."

It also concludes mass arrests outside a downtown hotel were "unlawful," and a dawn raid and arrest of people at a university residence was done without the required warrants.

The office, under director Gerry McNeilly, slams police for "kettling" scores of people -- many passersby -- at a downtown intersection for several hours in a severe thunderstorm, calling it "unreasonable, unnecessary and unlawful."


Even the Toronto Sun - my goodness!

Blair shouldn't be allowed to make next move on G20 mess


That article is well designed.  It shifts the focus from the police brutality to who should be involved in slapping the wrists of the sadistic police officers who were only following orders.  Look over here quick, quick, don't look over there and don't ever connect it to anything going on in Quebec.