Canada's workplace incidents

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Canada's workplace incidents



Obviously Worksafe BC has been to the jobsite, and have talked to the bosses. Isn't it amazin' though, how even the CBC can write these tragic stories, purposely leaving out who the Contractor was, as if that is not a pertinent part of the story. This kind of journalism takes talent.




Worker killed in Burnaby crane collapse


One man has been killed and another has been injured after a crane collapsed at a construction site in Burnaby, says WorkSafe BC.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon at a site at Dunlop Avenue and Charles Street as the operator was moving a load from the back of a flatbed truck on which the crane was mounted.

The victim was a 55-year-old man from Port Moody, according to RCMP Insp. Rob DeBoersap.

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Contractors can afford lawyers to intimidate the media by threatening litigation if their names are mentioned, dead workers.... not so much.


One of the many reasons why I want an NDP government.

I guess my question is what did WorkSafe BC do after the recent similiar incident in Burns Lake?


So what did the BC Liberal Labour Minister do after the previous recent sawmill explosion in Burns Lake? 

Labour Minister Margaret MacDiarmid needs to resign now



this is exactly what we should expect in a profit driven system with a long term vision problem.  When profits are at risk of not going up enough at any given time, skimp out on some of the "discretionary costs" such as maintenance and saftey.  And since the government is cutting the inspectors (if they ever show up in the first place) you don't worry about getting caught.  The result is stuff like this.

i imagine it's the same attitude underway at aveos, that led to the gulf oil spill and all the pipeline leaks etc.  

maintenance and saftey cost money=if no one is forcing a company to do it they won't.


Talk about closing the barn door after the horses have already escaped. It is so obvious these agencies hate workers.

This is is so typical of workSafe BC just like the LRB in BC since the BC Liberals changed the management at the top They have stopped acting as preventive and now only react after there is a tragedy. Pitiful.

Sawdust ordered removed from B.C. mills



all da best to the injured workers at Lakeland in PG and condolences to the families of the men who died.

my dad says the work conditions these days at saw mills in BC is horrible. no clean up crews to speak of and tthey have smelled natural gas a few times and just told to stay at work there is no problems.