Charges Laid re Christmas Eve Scaffolding Collapse, Toronto.

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Charges Laid re Christmas Eve Scaffolding Collapse, Toronto.



I looked for the previous threads on this and couldn't find it or them in "News" or "Labour and Consumption" or "Central Canada."  


Here's the story from CBC News.  It isn't much, just that charges have been laid.  I expect more details will emerge in the days to come.


Thanks Tommy_Paine.


Here are a few further details.  Potential fines could exceed $17.5 million ...


They deserve every cent of that as a fine.

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Fines are useless.  Find the owners and charge them.

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I think they should be charged with four counts of manslaughter.


There has been charges laid.




Lead, page one article, in today's Toronto Star.


Firm remains open despite stiff charges in scaffold deaths

Construction company president, along with two colleagues faces life in prison - the most serios penalty in Ontario history for a workplace accident - after four killed and one seriously hurt


Good TS editorial


Strong signal on worker safety