Christy Clark's BC Liberals job plan

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Christy Clark's BC Liberals job plan



Stats Canada just announcved a loss of 16,000 jobs for BC. Oops!



BC's Job Plan

B.C. is losing jobs

Statistics Canada has just announced the loss of almost 16,000 jobs in January in B.C. These job losses were concentrated in construction and the “helping” professions.

In particular, most of these losses were among women over 25 with part-time jobs in caregiving and social assistance — two areas that are funded by the B.C. government. This is the reality behind the endless television advertising by the B.C. Liberals in their pre-election campaign, funded by the taxpayers under the pretence that “it’s all about jobs.”

In reality, ever since Christy Clark launched her “B.C. Jobs Plan” almost 18 months ago, the B.C. private sector has lost nearly 40,000 jobs, including many in the construction industry, which is the largest contributor to the B.C. Liberals’ election fund. The result is B.C. has the third-worst job growth in Canada in the last year.

The Liberals are obsessed with presenting an image that they are better stewards of the economy than the NDP but to do this they have chosen to sell off B.C.’s assets, make giveaway deals with Chinese and foreign mining companies, slash health funding and increase MSP premiums, etc.

This is not economic management; it is a scorched-earth policy to keep their own well-paid jobs at any cost to the rest of us.

I hope voters will remember these dismal results when the election rolls around in May.

Herb Spencer, Surrey


B.C. Workshops on Hiring Foreign Workers Sends Bad Message

On one hand - and against all prevailing evidence - the government touts its job creation record as one of the best in Canada and on the other hand the B.C. Jobs Plan program is hosting workshops this coming week on Vancouver Island to assist businesses in hiring foreign workers under the Provincial Nominee Program.

"The government can find $15 million for TV ads to dress-up what is at best a mediocre jobs record, it can short-change skills training in the province until it becomes an acute care crisis, but has absolutely no shame in helping businesses learn about the options to hire foreign workers to fill labour or skill shortages," said IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis.

"Adding insult to injury for 155,000 unemployed British Columbians: the workshops start the day after B.C.'s first Family Day."

On Friday, Statistics Canada reported that B.C. lost 16,000 jobs in January.