Drug Profiteers Caught In Scam

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Drug Profiteers Caught In Scam

"The scheme posed a risk to public safety because the redistribution of drugs would make it difficult to track individual lots in the event of a recall, said assistant deputy health minister Helen Stevenson.

It also has an effect on the cost of drugs, she added.

"This is a national issue — that generic prices are so high," she said. "The reason that we can't get lower prices is because [drug manufacturers] are paying such huge allowances to pharmacies." "



If we can't bring back the lash for white collar crime, then we should at least restore sentences to hard labour.



More from CTV News:


"Wholesalers Amerisource Bergen Corp. Canada, Kohl and Frisch Ltd., A.O.C. Company Ltd. and Pharmastop are facing fines totalling $26 million.

The province has also filed complaints with Health Canada against A.O.C., Kohl and Frisch, Amerisource, Pharmastop and RxSource over suspected violations of regulations related to public safety.

Drug makers Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cobalt Pharmaceuticals Inc., Genpharm Inc., Novopharm Ltd., Ratiopharm Inc., Pharmascience Ltd. and Sandoz Canada Inc. were also fined by the province.

One pharmacy -- Kohler's Drug Store Ltd. in Hamilton -- is facing $4.4 million in fines and four charges for providing false or misleading information, or obstructing an inspection.

Sixteen other charges were laid against Ratiopharm, a wholesaler whose name was not immediately disclosed, and three people -- charges that could lead to jail time if they're convicted in court, officials said.

The Ontario College of Pharmacists has also been asked to investigate the conduct of A.O.C, Best Drug Mart, Markland Wood Pharmacy Ltd. and Symington Drugs."


"Caplan said the province is considering several options to improve the system, including eliminating the professional allowances.

"The implications of these revelations are considerable," he said.

"The ill-gotten rebates come from the pockets of taxpayers, our public drug plan and employers already struggling in the midst of an incredible economic challenge." "


martin dufresne

Check out the Ontario Ministry of Health website. I hope that this also raises a stink in Quebec, as a few Montreal-based prescription drug wholesalers are involved in the scam. I wrote the "Maisonneuve en direct" open-line radio show to demand a public discussion.



I took some time to look on line at some of these companies.  I really resent the CBC report, and the Ministry news release for not naming any names.  And, many of these operations are located right in Toronto.

No pictures?  No names?   No "perp walk"?

No flock of reporters at these people's homes?