Former AMAPCEO member moved to OPSEU - four months after

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Former AMAPCEO member moved to OPSEU - four months after

Almost four months after the effective date of the transfer from AMAPCEO of three hundred employees in correctional facilities, I continue to struggle with understanding and reconciling this move.  Moving these positions from AMAPCEO to OPSEU or into management came about as part of the government's plan to "modernize the OPS." However, it is far from obvious as to how these three hundred transfers benefit the OPS or the government.  Many positions moved to OPSEU, including mine, and it seems that OPSEU is an obvious beneficiary of the process.  However, OPSEU didn't even participate in the final discussions and appeared surprised and unprepared by the development.  AMAPCEO said that it was forced to sacrifice these positions to "save AMAPCEO," as the government's "leading option" as of August 2008 had been to dissolve AMAPCEO.  Again, who can or has benefited from these transfers, and how does the fact that they are all corrections positions factor into things? 

Any opinions? 


I happened to run into Smokey Thomas, and asked him about this.  He said OPSEU didn't know about this until it was practically a done deal, and that the impetus to do this came from the employer.

To my understanding, the employer wanted to have all Corrections employees in the same bargaining unit.  So now you have silly situations where some managers are the same job classification as the people they supervise.

I really don't understand why they did this, or what "modernization" has to do with it.

Lots more I can't say in a public forum.......