Happy May Day to all!

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Happy May Day to all!

Bon premier mai, fête internationale des travailleurs et travailleuses. It also has a natural meaning, known in the Gaelic tongues as Beltane, about the real awakening of springtime in more northern climes.  Both are worthy of celebration. 


Yes, indeed. Bravo!

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Happy Mayday!


Got a chance to see this last spring around this time:


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I like her - where did you find her? 

Confess I did a bit of grocery shopping because I got two cheques from clients, but I don't think that is what the artist meant by "no shopping". 

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..happy belated may day!

May Day: Palestinian trade unions call for intensifying BDS

On May Day, we Palestinian trade unions are proud to stand with the trade union movement internationally as we collectively resist attacks on our working conditions, cuts to public services and job losses. We lend our voices to the mass rallies taking place internationally uniting trade unions, immigrants and refugees, social movements, and environmentalists fighting for a better future and dignified living....

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No pasarán: neo nazi march successfully blocked by citizens of Warsaw, Poland

Mayday march organised by Polish fascists under the slogan “National Workers Day” was successfully stopped by the coalition of antifascist groups and the citizens of Warsaw.

Klementyna Suchanow,  one of the organizers of yesterday’s action and Polish Women strike activist commented: “This march was stopped not by the government, who is in possession of all means to do so, but by ordinary citizens who don’t allow the fascist presence in public spaces.”

The beginning of the citizen action was marked by women associated with Warsaw Women’s Strike, who threw smoke bombs on one of Warsaw’s major streets where the nazis planned to march. That created a smoke barrier, and was a signal for other groups involved: Student’s Antifascist Committee, members of Syrena Squat  collective, the Citizens PL group, and others taking part in the action. They were joined by disabled people who took a break from their protest in front of the Parliament in order to join the antifascist action, ordinary citizens, and even some tourists. Women were especially visible during the actions of the day.

Series of spontaneous  street blockades followed. The first blockade was dismantled by the police, but that did not stop people from opposing fascist marching in their city and new blockades were quickly set up. At one point the fascists attempted to attack the counter protesters, that however was unsuccessful. As per usual, the antifascist met with police brutality. Some people were violently dragged out of the crowd and arrested. One fascist got nicked too: for trying to use gas against the counter protest. However, despite of the police actions, eventually it became clear that the nazi march will not pass due to the blockades and its organizers were forced to cancel it.  That was met with celebratory chants “No pasaron” (past simple of “„No pasarán”) to mark the succesful actions of the day.....

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Here in Montreal on May Day the fascists were dressed in police uniforms, swinging large batons and generally menacing people, not only those involved in any march. Who needs goons when you have the Montreal Police?

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..seems telling that they choose police uniforms.