Janitor Says Company Owes him over $23,000

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Janitor Says Company Owes him over $23,000

A friend passed this along. Go to the rally April 28. 11:30 am. Ministry of Labour offices. 400 University Ave., Toronto


Ever wonder why workers need unions?


I heard about a group that's doing some good organizing with janitors at the Good Jobs Conference a few months back. Of course I can't remember the name of the group now - Justice for Janitors?  Jobs for Janitors?  Job Justice for Janitors?  Sigh.

Anyhow, if anyone can think of the name, let me know.

BTW, not everyone lives in the Centre Of The Universe, Mercy.  It's probably a good idea when you're letting people know about events here to include "Toronto" in the location. :)


Omigod, thanks Michelle, I already marked my calendar to attend this rally at McGill!! :)

"Justice for Janitors" was an SEIU organizing campaign in the states. Don't know if it's still active.



That sounds like it!  I think they're active here in Toronto, too.  I went to an interesting workshop at the Good Jobs Conference where some people organizing under that name were doing some good work with people who work for custodial staffing agencies.

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More info here: www.justiceforjanitors.ca

 See video here.

stop raiding

Although I have serious concerns about Andy Stern and the role the SEIU is playing in the US in regards to the UNITE HERE internal dispute, the work on the ground by SEIU in Canada, especially related to the service sector, is inspiring. Check out the wedsite:



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They are making this poor man work 68 hours a week and not paying him overtime!

That's outrageous. Forget about lawsuits. Criminal actions should be brought against this company and their owners should be jailed.