Ninth Annual Joseph Mairs Memorial

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Ninth Annual Joseph Mairs Memorial

The Joseph Mairs Memorial Committee welcomes everyone to the Ninth Annual Joseph Mairs Memorial in St. Mary's Catholic Church Hall, 1135 4th Ave Ladysmith at 1:00 pm, Sunday, January 23rd, 2011.
Come and join with other working people to honour Our Labour Martyr, Joseph Mairs.
We are very pleased offer a change from the usual format this year. Rather than a keynote speaker, we have assembled a panel of trade union and political campaigners to address the following general question:

"In the footsteps of the struggles which brought advances for working people in the last century how can we build a democratic political program to meet our needs now?"

This question and not the event is the main reason for this thread. I think I have already posted the Event on rabble and I'm  just waiting for it to appear.