No thanks, say the Swiss. We get vacation enough as it is.

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No thanks, say the Swiss. We get vacation enough as it is.

Swiss citizens have rejected a proposal to have six weeks' paid vacation per year instead of four, amidst warnings that two more weeks without work could cost the country $6.5 billion US a year in labour costs.

An estimated 67 per cent voters rejected the proposal, Reuters reported, one of many decided upon Sunday in several national referendums.

Russia, Germany, Italy and other European countries currently pay for six weeks' vacation. 

"In rejecting the initiative, citizens have kept a sense of reality," said Hans-Ulrich Bigler, director of the Swiss Union of Arts and Crafts. He said the vote "clearly shows that the population continues to focus on individual freedom and responsibility of citizens."

"The Swiss are reasonable enough," Jean-Francois Rime, a federal councilor, told the Telegraph. "They know that someone will have to pay for those two weeks of extra vacation, and the economic situation is already problematic owing to the strong franc."

They'd probably only spend it in the Alps anyway.

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