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Ontario Federation Of Labour

It is interesting to note that there is virtually no media converage og the OFL convention.


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It is interesting to note that there is virtually no media converage og the OFL convention.

Start some here! Didn't they finally elect a woman as president?


I was there for some of it, good vibe and attendance.   And indeed they did!


"In an historic election, Patty Coates is the first woman to be elected President of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL). Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) delegates have elected Coates and her team, Secretary-Treasurer Ahmad Gaied and Executive Vice-President Janice Folk-Dawson to lead the Federation’s fight against the Conservative austerity agenda.

Patty Coates, President, Ontario Federation of Labour

“It is a great honour to be elected by the OFL delegates to carry the Federation’s vision forward,” said Ontario Federation of Labour President Patty Coates. “Ahmad Gaied and Janice Folk-Dawson have been instrumental in organizing to demand decent work laws, mobilize the Power of Many and build the resistance to the government’s austerity agenda.”


"“Labour is going to make our vision reality in this province,” said Buckley to the delegates of the 15th Biennial Convention. “If we don’t do what we do best: lobbying, squeezing the bosses. Who will?” 

The labour movement is driving down Ford’s popularity, Buckley told the assembled delegates, special guests, and dignitaries. 

The labour movement will not let Ontarians forget who has taken away the $15 minimum wage, who cut funding for autism programs, and who is increasing class sizes, he added.

“Anytime the government in this province makes a move, labour is there,” said Buckley. "