Real work for pretend wages

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Real work for pretend wages

People do the strangest things with their spare time. One popular past time is crossword puzzels. People will work the crossword daily. I don't get it myself. I actually like to worry about world problems in my spare time although it's not too productive. The story is sort of innocent.


When someone does a crossword puzzle, the only one who benefits is the doer. When people do real work for pretend pay, an employer benefits. Whether the worker feels exploited or not, she is, and somebody else who actually needs paid work doean't get the job, because this fool does it for practically nothing.


Way too sharp a pencil.  May I suggest a crossword puzzel instead.


Where are the cyber feds upholding ether-laws? It's ridiculous. We need cyber unions.

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I remember my grandparents, years ago, being randomly selected to fill out a television survey -- what did you watch, on what channel, and when, for two weeks -- and receiving for their troubles a shiny silver dollar.

Srsly.  What's the issue here?  Is this woman being forced into this situation out of a desperate need for imaginary money that she can exchange for a Google hat??  This sounds pretty voluntary to me.