Reigning in the AGO

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Reigning in the AGO

The Art Gallery of Ontario's CEO Matthew Teitelbaum has carved himself out a kings ransom of $981,000 in salary and taxable benefits for 2009. Meanwhile, the frontline workers at the AGO have been without a contract since November, 2009. The key issue during negotiations has been job security.

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Would the mods please fix the spelling error in the thread title?


Maybe it's a pun.

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He refers to Teitelbaum as a "king".  Get it?  It's called "savage wit"!

Later he refers to the AGO's "pyramid"... like an Egyptian pharaoh's pyramid!  OMG, enough already!  My sides hurt!


Teitelbaum is obviously all wet.

Could the mods please fix the thread title? It should say, "Raining in the AGO".



As a visual artist I can tell you, $981,000 could buy an awful lot of good art. A friend of mine used to head the local there, he had zero good to say about the management.