Search suspended for 2 missing in quarry landslide

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Search suspended for 2 missing in quarry landslide

Here we go again.


Sinkhole opens up in quarry; 2 workers missing


This has been making me sick all day. Just recalling injuries and fatalities and near misses of workmates over the years. Who knows, maybe miracles happen.




[url= town prepares to mourn landslide victims[/url]

Autopsies will be conducted this week on the bodies of Daniel Brisebois, 54, of L’Épiphanie and Marie-Claude Laporte, 43, of Bois-des-Filion, an off-island Montreal suburb. They were found submerged in clay near the trucks they were operating when the landslide occurred.

The workers had been thrown from their vehicles and hurled down the gravel pit during last Tuesday`s landslide. Four days of rescue efforts had been hampered by poor weather conditions and the threat of another landslide. On Saturday, the search teams were finally able to recover the bodies.

Rest in peace.


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Wow, that's sad.


Indeed, Boom Boom and Unionist.  Tragic.


What is it going to take to have better safety on the jobsite?

Construction workers need to start shutting down the country when the next construction worker dies, and start having very large and very public funerals just like the Mounties do. It is time for some political action here. Enough is enough.


That is a tad unrealistic. Even with the best safety precautions, accidents can still happen. At a plant I worked at it was horribly unsafe and workers died, then it was unionized with the CAW and the company and them totally revamped safety proceedures and followed to the max, reviewing them every year. But accidents still happened.


Im glad to see in this case, its being investigated for possible charges if there was any fault with the company


Well, there is no such thing as a 100% safe workplace - or life, for that matter - but we should take the deaths of building and other workers as seriously and solemnly as the police forces take the deaths of their officers.