Is SEIU sucking and blowing at the same time?

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Is SEIU sucking and blowing at the same time?

Andy Stern at every turn has attempted to block the UHW from disaffiliating from SEIU while at the same time he is actively promoting the disaffiliation of an UNITE faction from UNITE HERE with the intention that they will merge with the SEIU. Has Stern reached the height of hypocracy?

Sunday Hat

I think Stern's arguments are all self-serving but the logic is consistent.

SEIU's fight with UHW is about who represents those workers. Stern claims the Initernational SEIU Board deserves their loyalty. Roselli claims that he and the ousted UHW board do. Legally, the cards are on Stern's side here but the workers will ultimately decide in representation votes. I've never heard Stern argue disaffiliation is inherently wrong. He's argued that the fight with UHW is about the best way to bring new members into the union. Self-serving, perhaps, but Roselli - for all his "democratic" talk - has aquired power in the same way Stern has. There's enough dishonesty to go around.

On UNITE HERE, Stern isn't encouraging the union to disaffiliate. He's urging BOTH sides to join SEIU. He seems willing to take teh UNITE half into SEIU if they're the only ones willing to join. Again, he's not making any high-minded arguments about the right to disaffiliate. He's arguing that the current arrangement isn't working.

I don't have any illusions about Stern. I think he wants a bigger union.

That said, I don't have any illusions about Roselli or Willhelm. They want to hold onto the power they have. I note, for example, that Roselli has stopped talking about one-member-one-vote elections for leadership now that he's got his own union and can make it a reality.

Neither side seems that interested in how this impacts the members but, as unionist noted in another thread, these fights are empowering - in that workers get to choose.

However, they're also a huge waste of money and resources.



So, democracy costs money. Tough!

Would you rather have a dictatorship?


Are those really the only two choices?

stop raiding

I guess I could have said is SEIU rippin and flippin or raiding and trading because as we all know you can't suck and blow at the same time.

Sunday Hat

I don't get the "sucking and blowing" ananlogy

I think you can say Stern is mostly interested in growing SEIU and, consequently, his own power - but his opponents are engaged in a power grab too.

But when you say Stern is inconsistent, I don't see that. He wants everyone in his tent. He hasn't engaged in any of the faux-concern for democracy that others have. In fact, he's pretty open about his agenda/ You might not like it but I don't think you can accuse him of inconsistency.


Is there a reason why a new thread had to be started about this?  We're already talking about it in the other UNITE HERE thread, aren't we?

Let's continue there.

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