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martin dufresne

The information provided by YOU BE THE JUDGE seems to invalidate the claim that women are getting killed by johns and pimps BECAUSE these men's practices are made illegal. With at least 32 fully-licensed and advertised brothels operating in Ottawa alone, it is clear that indoor prostitution is available for both prostitutors and the prostituted. Yet the killings go on, e.g. Kelly Morisseau). In Montreal, women with direct experience in prostitution tell us that outdoor prostitution provides more money than indoor practice (trough rapid turnover of clients) to women whose addiction or pimp requires many hundreds of dollars a day. This would not end if johns and pimps were made legal. There would imply be more pimps and johns - and more trafficking to feed that demand. (And that is not a "morality argument.)



Closing for length.  Maybe we can continue with this ongoing thread.


Edited to add, I see I linked to a thread in the feminism forum.  Maybe it makes that this could be fairly discussed as both a labour issue and a feminism issue seperatly, as long as people can be midful of the distinction when posting.


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