Spring cleaning

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Spring cleaning

Do you spring clean, or just continue your cleaning routine? Or say, "what cleaning routine"? I'm not asking this because I'm tidy, but because it is a never-ending struggle to conquer clutter.

Remember the "paperless office"? I guess it eloped with "Freedom 55" and they are taunting us somewhere.

I'm putting this topic here because cleaning is work, whether or not it is paid, and also because it has become fraught with consumption. There are many sites on cleaning and conquering clutter, but almost all of them call for buying stuff...


I'm a pretty casual housekeeper, but clutter does make me a bit crazy. Any time of year you'll finding me asking the people I live with, "can I throw this out/put in recycling?"


Aren't you a couple months early to be talking about spring cleaning? Wink


No, spring is at least a month late. Look outside: where I live it is light before 6 a.m. daylight saving time; can't be too different in NB. On Radio-Canada this morning, they are talking about neighbourhood groups setting about to do "grandes corvées" to clean up the piles of crap and illegal dumps in alleys and vacant lots. There are two nearby here; I've informed the borough (arrondissement), but it is also important to get neighbours involved to prevent it happening again.