Strike this

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Strike this

Well, here we ago again.

Municipal politicians, Republican senators, vacationing Liberal MPPs, and the in-hiding Ottawa "government" have all come together as the Milton Friedman Singers to present in chorus the fractured song of "Austerity".

Understand what this means: Because banksters ran a ponzi scheme -- backed with a nudge and a wink by Conservatives and Liberals across the spectrum including all those who hold office today -- that now threatens to bring down the entire global economy, you must pay.

Consider this: In the US, there is $7 Trillion, that's $7,000,000,000,000, for those who planned and executed the fraud. Contrasted with layoffs, cutbacks, and homelessness for the American people who were victimized  and who are on the hook for that very same $7 trillion.

In Canada, so far, we have $300 billion, that's $300,000,000,000, for banks and austerity for those who will shoulder that $300 billion with their taxes and program cuts (you can't have day care so banksters can sleep at night knowing their loans are backed or owned by the feds) - us.

And it gets better.

Those hucksters we all elected want us to earn less and spend more. Go shopping, they say. Spend, spend, spend. Borrow at higher rates and higher fees and go crazy. Wal-Mart investors, China's coal plants, and Canadian bank profits depend on it.

Canadian labour should not be talking about mass outdoor protests or labour interruptions. They should be talking about a consumer strike. Just stop buying.

What Canadian workers are being lined up for is Naomi Klein's shock doctrine. They will use the financial calamity brought about by their ideology of fraud to punish the middle-classes and workers and introduce Chicago School plundering.

The strength of workers and the middle-classes, today, is not in their ability to withdraw labour. It is their ability to withdraw from the consumer economy as debtors and shoppers amassing more and more useless junk while simultaneously making themselves more vulnerable economically.

Organize a national Buy Nothing Protest for as long as it takes. Spend the money on a supporting marketing campaign that would put Madison Ave. to shame. The consumer is King? Then rule.