Temp Agency Fraud

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Temp Agency Fraud

Some Montreal temp agencies that cater to immigrants are paying less than minimum wage for backbreaking work and don't pay benefits or apply the standard deductions required by law, according to a Radio-Canada investigation.

Investigative program Enquête hired two Hispanic journalists to impersonate recently arrived immigrants looking for work at meatpacking plants.

The two journalists - Columbian Martin Movilla and Chilean Jesus Javia Mendez - wore hidden cameras when they applied to temporary agencies that specialize in placing immigrants who don't speak English or French. Both men were assigned to Montreal chicken factories, where they worked alongside regular staff.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story/2010/10/20/temp-agencies-hire-immigrant-workers-for-cash-only.html#ixzz12zmEuqcQ