Is there a food crisis and is it linked to the financial crisis?

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Is there a food crisis and is it linked to the financial crisis?

From the Guardian PovertyMatters Blog : Will the meeting in Rome result in action against food speculation?.
At an emergency meeting in Rome The UN has warned of major new food crisis; environmental disasters and speculative investors are to blame for volatile food commodities markets.
The EU is to wage war against speculation in these markets.
Early in 2008 Eric Touissant, (President of CADTM) explained How the Food and Financial Crises Are Interconnected.
This July Harpers published The food bubble: How Wall Street starved millions and got away with it by Frederick Kaufman. (previously).


Of course they're connected - when we allow private banks to create all of our money at interest, this turns on a tap that channels more and more and more wealth from the lower strata of society to the upper. As we have less and less to share among more and more, crises and shortages in everything develop. On the other end of the scale, when private banks are allowed to create all of our money with no real supervision, they of course direct as much as they can into whatever they consider will make them the most money, which is their legal requirement under the law, so creating more and more speculative money is not really surprising either, any more than the speculative bubbles eventually bursting and causing great hardship for the less-well protected. The only surprising thing is that so few people seem to understand this. Or be interested. But if anyone is, some ideas on it here - What Happened? . This is probably the single most important problem we have today, because every other problem is related to money in some way, or to the destructive leadership of those who control the money.