TTC union chief blasts bosses, media and public

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It's sad that this forum should be open to certain individuals who hate unions and have contempt for workers. It's simply another indication that one of the last forms of discrimination and oppression that will prevail in our world is class discrimination. It's not even recognized as being offensive.


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So it's TTC management that keeps calling on the same few collectors to work overtime?  If that's the case I'll delete my comments above.  If that's not the case, it's unclear to me what's got the two of you in high dudgeon, other than my sheer nerve at commenting on the TTC in the first place.

As I understand it, certain forums at babble mandate a "pro" contribution (pro-feminism, pro-labour, pro-FN) such that regulars aren't put in a position of having to refight old battles such as "should we have feminism?" or "should there be unions".  I don't think I'm arguing that there shouldn't be unions, nor that the TTC should privatize, nor anything that challenges the right of unions to exist.  But you seem to be calling on me to restrict my comments to "All unions are, de facto, perfect".  Probably babble's policy should be clear about that, if that's what these forums are about.

And criticizing the choices or actions of a union is now discrimination?  And it clearly indicates a contempt for workers?  I guess I'm some kind of self-hating worker or something then.  I'd better not criticize anything they say or do ever again!

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This thread is as long as the wait for a TTC bus.  Yuk, yuk.

Tip the wait staff, I'm here all week folks...


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