Will UNITE HERE split open up rifts in CLC?

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I would like to see your source for this.  These are strong allegations and you should be providing evidence to support your claims.


Better yet, Michelle, this factional squabbling should be sent to one of the many sites out there where sectarian forces battle each other rather than let workers self-determine. They invariably find far more colourful adjectives and accusations against each other than they do against the (long-forgotten) common enemy. What I find really repugnant is the importation of U.S. squabbles into Canada.



On the contrary -- I think this is great. It's a window for all of us into the nitty gritty of competing unions, with maybe some wisdom to be gleaned about the essential nature of business unionism.

I hope some of you guys stick around when the dust settles.


I'm going to close this thread since it's over 100 posts (to the new folks in this thread, this is regular practice around here).  Please feel free to continue the discussion by starting a new thread.


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