Will U.S. right now bash Canada for its labour laws?

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Will U.S. right now bash Canada for its labour laws?


[url=Get">http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/get-ready-for-canada-bashin... ready for Canada-bashing (again): Jim Stanford[/url]


To shed some light on the debate, more than 100 Canadian labour market scholars issued a statement affirming the effectiveness of Canadian labour relations. They are backed by a new collection of academic articles (to which I contributed), published by York University's Centre for Research on Work and Society, that, in reviewing the experience of Canada's labour laws, debunk the notion that unionization has boosted Canadian unemployment. (In fact, Canadian data show no connection at all between unionization and unemployment.)

Canada's already sizable employment advantage over our neighbours will certainly widen in coming months. Will that slow down the U.S. business lobby's denunciations of Canada? Don't count on it. The facts seldom get in the way of a good smear campaign.

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The NAM must be licking it's chops during this recession...Wait for the perjoratives....

Union Bosses...Union dues referred to as "tribute"...Union corruption(as opposed to the far more destructive corruption of Wall Street)...RTW is a form of freedom...Blah blah blah....

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