Worker Rights, Decriminalization, Legalization

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Worker Rights, Decriminalization, Legalization

Because Susan said that she supports decriminalization over legalization I informed myself about the difference between the two. Due to a post in another thread I realized that other people might misunderstand it the way I did. I am taking my information from a pro-decriminalization so I can't be accused of being biased on that account.

In countries where sex work has been legalized, the State regulates sex work.

Decriminalization means removing the sections that make our work criminal in the eyes of the law from the law itself:

The above includes no laws about mandatory health checks, no laws at all.  The exact opposite of what you think it means.

Decriminalization of drugs would mean no controls whatsoever. The current drug distribution network would be legitimized. Legalization would mean that drugs would be subject to the same type of legislation alcohol is.

I am in favor of decriminalizing solicitation so that prostitutes themselves cannot be arrested on the street or anywhere else.

The argument is being presented that this is a matter of worker rights. It is.

Decriminalizing the worker, the prostitute, is what Sweden has done which I fully support.

Decriminalizing pimps is the equivalent of of giving Walmart carte-blanche

Have we managed to unionize waitresses? Cleaning women? The sex industry is powerful and wealthy. Decriminization would entrench the power of pimps, and the current fronts for brothels as well as allowing them to move in anywhere. They would have more freedom than strip joints currently do. I do not envision prostitutes being empowered to strike for worker rights anymore than exotic dancers were able to defend themselves from club owners.

Exotic dancers as they prefer to be called were against the legalization of lap-dancing. Legalizing lap dances was not an empowering act for workers or a liberating act for women. It was an act that further subjegated dancers to club owners and johns and increased humiliation.  There are still clubs where women don't have to accept lap-dancing to work. I am guessing it is the best dancers that can get that work. Why aren't exotic dancers/strippers unionized?

If you are serious about worker rights, including the worker rights of women, then it is your duty to seek the truth about who has the power in the sex industry.  Walmart has lots of employees that will tell you how wonderful working for Walmart is.  Does that make it true? Just because a sex industry worker tells you that selling her body to men is self-empowerment that doesn't make it true.

You do not take the protestations of the "volunteer army" without question. You do not accept the pretty terms of war like "collateral damage".

Don't take my word for a single thing. I won't ask you to. But don't use your patriarchal power to dismiss me as a prude or of trying to infringe on the rights of other woman with my academic feminism.

Take the trouble to inform yourself about working conditions and about which women do the work. Look at numbers, not just theory.

It's insulting to dismiss this as a simple matter of the right of an individual woman to ply her trade.