Butch heroes

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Butch heroes

In this series of portraits I am using the format of traditional Catholic holy cards to represent butch, queer women and queer female-to-male transgendered individuals from history.  As a culturally Catholic gender-queer, I research and choose individuals from diverse ethnic, societal, and geographic backgrounds in an effort to bring forth lost history.  Many of these individuals have been heterosexualized, criminalized or their stories were intentionally censored in an effort to hide their queer identity. The portraits involve extensive research into aspects of each person's life, social class, employment, clothing and environment.  I strive to be historically accurate, detailed and culturally sensitive to each individual.

On October 24, 1679 Lisbetha Olsdotter was brought before the Svea Court of Appeals in Stockholm and charged with: maliciously deserting her husband and two children; wearing male clothing and disguising herself as a man, which was an abomination and a great offense to God; bigamy, for marrying twice and deceiving another woman; publicly mocking God’s sacred order and the customary ceremonies of the community and the Fatherland by marrying another woman in the church of God; theft, for taking payment as a soldier and spending it; and fraud, for taking a profession she was not capable of performing, i.e. soldier.

    She was found guilty of all charges under county law by the Religious Charter of 1655.  For intentionally mutating her sex, “mocking God and His order” and deceiving her fellow Christians she was sentenced to decapitation by axe.  Due to the unusual nature of the case it was sent to the Royal Court for review.