Cameron Backs Gay Rights in Schools: All Tories Not Creatd Equal?

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Papal Bull
Cameron Backs Gay Rights in Schools: All Tories Not Creatd Equal?

Well, this morning while fastidiously avoiding my law and ethics class discussion I noticed an interesting little story on the Guardian front page.

David Cameron has said that teaching children about equality for gay people and the importance of civil partnerships should be "embedded" in Britain's schooling.

In another sign of his departure from the Tory past, Cameron again apologised for supporting section 28 and said that teaching about equality was an important way of combating homophobic bullying.

The Conservative leader, who voted for the retention of section 28 as recently as 2003, made his comments at a Cameron Direct event in answer to a question from the gay rights campaign group Stonewall.
[b]"In an interview with Attitude magazine, the Lib Dem leader pointed out that in 2003 Cameron had voted against the repeal of section 28 which banned the "promotion" of homosexuality in schools in 1988.[/b]

[i]"I don't really know what he believes in," Clegg said. "I don't know what his convictions are and the reason is because they keep changing - and they seem to change for convenience."[/i]

Britain's changing attitude to homosexuality was highlighted this week in a study by the National Centre for Social Research which found that 36% of respondents thought sexual relations between two adults of the same sex were "always or mostly" wrong. This is down from 63% in 1983.

legit change of heart, or just another one of those fun Tory dodging tactics? The real question is whether it is only lil' Davey Cameron that believes in this...or is it going to be broadly supported by the Tories?