Employment Opportunity for LGBTTQ Youth: Toronto

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Employment Opportunity for LGBTTQ Youth: Toronto



Community Art Apprentice Positions

Project runs: January - June 2010

Flexible/variable hours: afternoons, evenings, weekends

Remuneration: up to a maximum of $2000 (based upon $15/hour for 133 hours)

Red Dress Productions is proud to lead the 519 Community Centre's new community engaged mosaic project. The primary goal of the project is to conceive and create a permanent large-scale outdoor public artwork at the 519. The project is aimed at community members and program participants of all ages and abilities drawn from the diverse communities that call the 519 home.

The project is conceived in three phases:

1) January-March 2010: development of ideas/design with community members through consultations, and storytelling and visual art workshops;

2) April-June 2010: mosaic build with community participants;

3) July 2010: unveiling and inauguration of mosaic.

Three equity-seeking LGBTTQ youth (under the age of 25) will be hired as Community Art Apprentices to work directly with the Lead Artists. The apprentices will be involved in every stage of project development, and will play a key role as part of the leadership team.

More information here.