Forty-nine dead, 53 injured in Florida nightclub shooting

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Mr. Magoo

Each of these questions are examined in detail below.

Happily, they aren't.

This is neither the time nor the place, iyraste1313.


Sorry, but this is precisely the time and place...the present system is killing the people and the planet...and must be discreditted as we pursue the alternatives...which must not be left to the authoritarian fascistically inclined...if you have any pretence of must engage...sorry!

Mr. Magoo

Uh, weren't we talking about a mass shooting in Florida?

But if you rilly, rilly must, where are those questions examined?  Not below, evidently.


Back in April, but even more relevant in the wake of Orlando:


In the eyes of the British government, the U.S. may now be a risky destination for LGBT travelers. The British Foreign Office posted a travel advisory update to its website Tuesday warning members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities about anti-LGBT laws passed recently in North Carolina and Mississippi. "The U.S. is an extremely diverse society and attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country," the advisory reads. "LGBT travelers may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi."

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Remember the good old days? When threads were closed... 199 would have been a GREAT cut off point. I know the thread jumped the shark pages back, but at least it wasn't going to be totally confused with this thread. I must admit though, iyraste1313 did manage to completely ignore not only the mandate of this forum, but managed to almost entirely scrub the identities of the victims from post #200. I can hardly wait for the anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre - perhaps iyraste1313 will enlighten us all on the covert op that really accounts for what happened 6 December 1989 - I wonder if the identities of those victims will be as thoroughly erased. Better mark my calendar and stay tuned.



iyraste1313 wrote:

This issue must not fade away! if any of the following is true...some institutions will have a lot to answer to!...


However, eyewitness statements, several news reports and video clips of the gory incident raise serious questions that suggest yet another False Flag operation. Here below are facts which have surfaced in the aftermath of the massacre which the FBI must address:

  1. Mateen himself was a gay. This discredits the narrative of the massacre as a homophobic hate-crime. Why is the FBI desperately trying to suppress this fact?
  2. Mateen’s links to radical Islamists – Moner Abu Salha, the first American suicide bomber in Syria – are being downplayed by the FBI as “minimal.” Why?
  3. Mateen had links with Islamist preachers Abu Taha Marcus Dwayne Robertson and the blind cleric Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, both of whom have been terror operatives with proven links to the CIA? How could the FBI be unaware of this fact?
  4. What about Mateen’s links to FBI handlers for a period of 10 months during 2013? The statement of Florida’s St. Lucie county’s Sheriff Ken Mascara alleges that the FBI had dispatched an informant to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite”. Is this not a clear indictment of the FBI and it’s fatal policy of entrapment to commit acts of terror.
  5. The all-powerful G4S security agency has named a psychiatrist who had conducted a psychological evaluation to certify Mateen’s fitness for a job with the agency. But the psychiatrist claims she never saw Mateen and that she was not even living in Florida at the time the test is claimed to have been conducted. Why is the G4S lying?
  6. Why are the FBI’s version and the timeline of the terror attack on Pulse bar put out by the corporate media so incoherent and misleading? An off-duty cop along with other officers had confronted the heavily armed Mateen who started shooting outside the Pulse Bar before going inside? Why was he not followed into the bar by the armed cops? Why is there no mention of the Pulse bar’s own security? How is it that no CCTV cameras were operational?
  7. The 3-hour delayed response of the SWAT Team needs to be explained by the authorities. Why did the police and the SWAT team fail to follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which states that they have to intervene and enter the premises if the shooting is underway?
  8. Mateen purchased the guns from a gun store owned by Ed Henson, a former NYPD Officer. Another gun store owner Robert Apell affirms that he had alerted FBI to a ‘suspicious’ customer on a shopping spree weeks before the Orlando shooting. Why did the FBI not act on the information?
  9. Eye-witnesses are on record saying that there were anywhere between 2-5 shooters, that Mateen was not the lone shooter. Who were the other shooters and where are they? Why is this key evidence being suppressed?
  10. Why doesn’t the shooting math add up? FBI states that only 202 rounds were fired. Why are experts challenging the supposed facts?
  11. James Wesley Howell, who himself was to attack a Gay Pride Rally in Santa Monica on that very day in a parallel operation told the local police that both Mateen and he were trained by the CIA in Virginia. Is it true that Mateen was part of a hit-squad team for Orlando and who was supposed to get away alive?
  12. Is it true that Wackenhut – the world’s largest private security corporation, with whom Mateen was employed for a period – is a front for the CIA and has an extremely dubious track record
  13. The FBI has a known record of creating terror, entrapment and manufacturing terrorists and masterminding false flag terror operations. Was the Orlando massacre part of this ugly past of the FBI?

Each of these questions are examined in detail below.


If you post in this forum again you will be suspended.


Free speech yadda yadda. I have to admit I am very happy when I read about people being fired from their jobs over asshole comments about this shooting posted on social media.

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Panti Bliss nails it in a speech in Brussels.

Speaking about the difference between the LGBT community response to the atrocity and that of the media in general.

Panti wrote:

I’ve never been to Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, but that doesn’t matter because I know it like the back of my hand. I know the kind of people that were there. I know the fun that they were having. I know the freedom that they felt to be able to be themselves, totally. I know the boys that they were kissing and I know the music they were dancing to. Because I have kissed those very same boys and I have danced to that very same music. I have never been to Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and yet I’ve spent some of the best times of my life there.