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What to do:

Join the [url=https://www.facebook.com/events/1379541392314482]"Free Avery" action on Facebook[/url]

It has been suggested, “If you want to request Avery Edison’s release call Goran Vragovic, CBSA Director General, at 905 803 5590.” [[url=https://twitter.com/YouthAndWork/status/433331558980665344]tweet[/url]] (another friend adds: “I called Goran Vragovic, CBSA Director General, directly on his cell at 416 575 9247 to request her release.”)

Send support to NDP members inc. NDP MP [url=https://twitter.com/r_garrison]Randall Garrison[/url] & [url=https://twitter.com/PeggyNashNDP/status/433337976337100800]Peggy Nash[/url] are working to help Avery & change the discriminatory laws in the first place. [[url=https://twitter.com/r_garrison/status/433329219355934720]tweet[/url]] [[url=https://twitter.com/PeggyNashNDP/status/433337976337100800]tweet[/url]]"

Ppl 2 contact re: @aedison’s wrongful imprisonment incl. @m_meilleur, prov. minister, & @CanBorder’s GTA media room. Email=best." [[url=https://twitter.com/GracingTheStage/status/433346086904672256]tweet[/url]]

Canadians: [url=http://www.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/Compilations/HouseofCommons/MemberByPosta... your Member of Parliament[/url]. As one person on the Facebook event noted, “Our MP’s staff is on the phone with us. The NDP public safety and LGBT critic has demanded that the ministry A) get her out of men’s prison at once, and B) train CBSA staff correctly. It’s budget day, so no response yet.”


[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/transgender-woman-avery-edison-mov... woman Avery Edison moved to women's jail after outcry online[/url]



From @rahrahtempleton:

@aedison Avery will be flown home to UK tomorrow night, w/ no exclusionary notice that would prevent her from visiting Canada in the future


@aedison Apart from being able to take her home & let the visit proceed as planned, this is the best possible outcome. I'm thrilled.


Now this is over, next goal is making sure this can never happen again to any other trans men or women. #FreeAvery #AverysFree


[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/07/03/transgender_woman_files_hu... woman files human rights complaints over arrest at Pearson[/url]

Edison is asking the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to order provincial corrections officials to develop and update their policy on the placement of transgender and transsexual residents.

She also hopes the federal rights commission will compel Canada Border Services Agency staff for sensitivity training when serving trans people.