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Glitter Tongue

glitter what?

Glitter Tongue is an online collection of love poems by thirty queer and trans poets, launching Valentines Day 2012. It grew out of a collective writing effort among Margaret Rhee, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Tamiko Beyer, Oliver Bendorf, Meg Day, and Ching-In Chen, and then expanded to community. This is the result. We invite you to read on for poetic introductions and then explore the poems collected here.


It was just one of those days, when I wrote ‘queer love is so good, but so hard, most times,’ because it is. I wrote it not knowing what may come (isn’t that what happens with all poems?) But love came back, Oliver, Meg, Ching-In, Tamiko, and Leah. Collectively writing. I’ll always remember this lovely Sunday, queer love poems in our inbox.  It makes me thankful we’re making this bad romance together. Cause, like Miranda Joseph writes, I’m also critical of the “romance of community,” but I can’t help to think this kind of romance, making it better, I like and I love, love. Appreciate so much our collective of queer poets writing for a Sunday morning, and the design and visions of Oliver who helped bring this love to the world. So now we’re 30 songs strong, and I hope you’ll read and write with us too, making glitter tongue. -MR

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