How to Make Canada More Gay

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How to Make Canada More Gay

The most important challenge this country faces is to eliminate homophobia and become more gay. First, there should be a quota of 50% of gay politicians and corporate executives. The media should be legislated to give equal space to coverage of homosexual and heterosexual relationships, and schools should give equal time to homosexual and heterosexual sex education. There should also be unlimited right of immigration for any homosexual worldwide who wishes to come here, with incentives such as jobs and housing provided, with the eventual goal being a majority-gay country.


Interesting idea. 

My only concern is who would be left to commit gratuitous fashion crime for gawker and people magazine?

Some things you just can't make up, after all.


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Ignore the troll.

Both of them.

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Geez M.Spector... we have an excellent opportunity to play with a troll, and you have to come in all glum and stuff. Playing with trolls is like using a laser pointer to play with a cat... you can get them running in circles till they collapse... now neither is particularly "progressive", but if you are in the right mood, both can be kinda fun.


How many trolls do we get who advocate increased immigration> Boy, the times they are a changin'

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I feel like I am caught in a troll time warp. Is it 2006 again? Am I getting more than five hours of sleep a night?

Anyway, our vintage friend is gone.

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I was hoping to hear more about this majority-gay country thing.Wink

Red Tory Tea Girl

bagkitty wrote:

I was hoping to hear more about this majority-gay country thing.Wink

Pre-natal estrogen from week 10 onward... encourages gynephillic sexual orientations (not always gold-star lesbian, mind you) and female gender identity.

So yes, if you want a more lesbian country, the nice, bio-identical 17-beta-estradiol that's found in estrogel is a plus... that and it would reduce the liklihood of stretch marks if applied to the stomach. (But doctors say you shouldn't put it on your breasts... cancer and all that.)