November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance

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November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance



[url=]CUPE marks Transgender Day of Remembrance[/url]

On November 20 events will take place across the country as Canadians mark the twelfth annual International Transgendered Day of Remembrance.

CUPE National President Paul Moist and National Secretary-Treasurer Claude Généreux emphasized the importance of the date and encouraged members to participate in local events in a joint letter to CUPE chartered organizations.

“It is important for our locals, members, leadership and staff to recognize and fight for the human rights of transgenders and transsexuals” said Moist and Généreux. “Fear and hatred combined with hostility toward the very existence of transgender and transsexual people must be overcome.”

Winnipeg’s Rainbow Resource Centre notes that the special day “serves as an opportunity to recognize, honour, embrace, celebrate, and remember the people who encounter or endure discrimination, prejudice, persecution, isolation, or violence because of their [perceived] gender identity and/or expression.”

Violence against transgender people is a serious issue that often isn’t covered by the mainstream media. Studies show that sixty per cent of transgender people reported being victims of violence, according to a recent article in the Montreal Gazette.

The day of remembrance— which began as a candlelight vigil in 1999 in San Francisco following the murder of Rita Hester—has grown tremendously over the past eleven years, and is now celebrated around the world.


[url=]Here is a list of events[/url] around the world plus much more information about International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

“My grief lies all within,/And these external manners of lament/Are merely shadows to the unseen grief/That swells with silence in the tortured soul.”

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It appears the police just can't stay away. Two arrested at Trans Day of Remembrance.


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Thanks for this, Unionist.


[trigger warning: graphic descriptions of violence against transgender people]

Jacobin: [url=]Transgender, Dead, and Forgotten[/url] by Samantha Allen

How could we shorten this list of the dead? What kind of politics would that goal require?

Because most people on the list lack basic economic security, it must be socialist; because the list is primarily made up of women, it must be feminist; because most of those women are people of color, it must be anti-racist. Because so many of these transgender women of color are sex workers, it must adopt a nuanced approach to sex work that respects its economic and personal necessity without ignoring its dangers. And because so many of these sex workers are in countries like Brazil and Mexico, it must be internationalist. If this politics seems impossible, consider that the safety of transgender people is impossible in its absence.