Oshawa councillor slammed for charity drag show

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Oshawa councillor slammed for charity drag show

The article reads like hate speech to me. So who gives this homophobe a bully pulpit?  The publisher should be targeted for some education about homophobia and its effect on people.


Holy crap.  Did you take a look at the paper itself?  It looks like it was laid out, written, and edited by junior elementary students!  What kind of circulation does that rag have, anyhow?  I see that they actually charge for it.  I can't imagine who would pay.

The story, of course, is complete homophobic crap.

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Pretty gross homophobia in that article. With a dash of racism and sexism for extra flavouring.

Oshawa/Durham Central wrote:

I would feel ashamed if my kids came home and seen that

I'm ashamed that sentence made it to print.

Oshawa/Durham Central wrote:

Maybe we the heterosexuals tax payers that pay these councilor wages should have a gala of our own. But boy get caught going to a strip joint and your labeled a pervert. 

You just said a mouthful there, mister.

(all spelling and grammar errors sic)

oldgoat, please go to your city council and fix this!


Lived in the 'shwa for 25 years now, and have never heard of this publication.  The main local paper is "Oshawa This Week", part of the Metroland Media family of forgettable drek.  It's a sad little Tory rag which gets by by being unremittingly boringly inoffensive.  They'd never print this as long as there was a picture of a golden retriever catching a frisbee to run.


I think this is something that get's distributed for free on an irregular basis that's mainly a vehichle for cheap advertising.