Québec government unveils anti-homophobia program

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Québec government unveils anti-homophobia program



Haven't seen any English-language report yet...

[url=http://www.pieuvre.ca/2011/05/20/homophobie/]Québec unveils its plan to fight homophobia[/url]

The 5-year plan is a response to recommendations made in a 2007 report by the Québec Human Rights Commission.

In brief, $7.1 million will be invested in four main measures:

  • Establishing a university chair on homophobia.
  • Two national campaigns (2012 and 2014) to raise awareness about homophobia.
  • An additional $3.6 million in funding over five years to groups defending LGBTTQ rights.
  • Establish a Bureau de lutte contre l’homophobie to monitor the action plan and coordinate efforts among different ministries.

The article continues:

Groups working in the field of LGBT rights were quick to react to the announcement. PolitiQ-queers solidaires issued a communiqué saying it was happy that the plan, which it called "the only one of its kind in the world", had finally been put in place. The organization also said it wanted to see the plan implemented quickly to ensure that all facets of sexual diversity are well represented in the measures taken and the national awareness campaigns.

Even if, according to the group, the plan is "timid" when it comes to directly naming the issues facing the lives of transsexual persons, PolitiQ-queers solidaires says it's eager to "sit down with the ministry" to advance concrete issues which affect the daily lives of transsexuals.

Press releases were also issued by the trade unions (CSN so far) and the FECQ (Québec College Students Federation) generally supporting the program.



hopefully other provinces follow quebec's lead!  

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Yes, and especially because it would also counter whatever efforts the federal Conservatives might have up their sleeves to roll back LGBTQ progress, although I can't imagine Harper would actually be dumb enough to attempt to roll back social progress. But, who knows.

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@Boom Boom:

I don't have a particularly hard time picturing Harper doing so... while I don't see official legislative initiatives coming from the "Harper Government(TM)", I wouldn't keel over in surprise if the Con caucus proved fertile ground for overtly homophobic private members' bills -- and the Harper Government(TM) touting this as an expression of the success of their "democratic reform(s)".

The official attack is much more likely to continue on the program/funding front. I think Harper's Brave New World is going to provide all the justice money can buy -- and access to the justice system ain't cheap.

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Well, he has a majority - I guess we'll have to see whether this is going to be a really, really regressive government, or not. But you're 100% absolutely correct: those private member's bills are going to be murder.Frown


[url=http://www2.cdpdj.qc.ca/Documents/COMM_rapport_homophobie_en.pdf]Here[/url] is a press release about the 2007 Commission report which led, at long last, to the current measures being taken by the government.

The full 108-page report, in French only, is [url=http://www2.cdpdj.qc.ca/publications/Documents/rapport_homophobie.pdf]he....


Lachine Scot



[url=http://www.radio-canada.ca/nouvelles/societe/2013/03/03/002-gouvernement...ébec government launches campaign to fight homophobia[/url] [in French]

The headline is a bit wrong, because it's really a continuation of the program launched by the previous government in 2011 as detailed upthread.

The announcement was made by Justice Minister Bernard St-Arnaud, whose portfolio includes the struggle against homophobia. This phase will include two TV ads in French, to be launched on the major networks next Sunday, an English-language radio message, and a bilingual website.

There's lots of English-language info [url=http://www.justice.gouv.qc.ca/english/ministere/dossiers/homophobie/homo... this government website[/url], where you can also view the TV ads and listen to the English radio ad - and several downloadable documents.

And here's the new website - looks kinda cool, but I'll leave it to others to judge:


Features of the program previously in place include increased funding to organizations defending the rights of "sexual minorities", and the creation of an office for the fight against homophobia.




Thanks for posting that Unionist. It's a pretty cool website, I didn't like some of the editing. The parts where it got blurry bugged me.

I took the test and was surprised to find one of the questions made me stop and think and I found myself answering that something "bothered" me a little. I have no idea why it did but I'm glad I can now examine my thoughts about it.



[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/province-suspends-anti-homophobia... suspends anti-homophobia ads -  Gender equality campaign on pause too, for now[/url]


In its quest to slash $3 billion from the budget, the province is suspending an acclaimed anti-homophobia advertising campaign.

The ad campaign slated for 2014-15 would have cost $1 million, as part of five-year, $7.1-million plan, launched in 2013 to get the public thinking about how open they really are to homosexuality.

The province is also putting a gender equality campaign on the back burner that would have cost $500,000.



That is disgusting. Homophobia kills. Even here.