Is Rona Ambrose about to de-Stalinize the CPC?

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Our Sask Party got into it too in an indirect way - floating an attempt to protect overly-sensitive JPs who didn't want to obey the law  and do their jobs.

They got set straignt  by the Human Rights Commission.

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bagkitty wrote:

No problem Smith, thanks for noticing that I do tend to scold people for excessive drift in here... means at least someone is paying attention to some of what I post *insert big grin*

Everything you post is fun to read. 

How did you like studying with Charles Taylor? Was he brilliant? Did he let others be brilliant in his classroom? 


Finally, I found my way close to home, the ether went dead, and I can get out of this section. It's been a not too bad experience with bagkitty after all as I got to know him a lot better.


That would be a good idea. Some of the forums here are special. They include this forum and the feminist forum, racism and sex worker forums too.

These forums are intended for use by those groups and allies to those groups. I don't have to be gay to post in this topic area, or agree with every theory, but I do have to respect members of whatever community is represented and defer to them to some extent. 

Statistically gay people are no more likely to be pedophiles than straight people yet many people still believe that they are. It would probably be fairer to assume there is a higher population of pedophiles among coaches because they gravitate towards activities that give them access to children.

That wouldn't be very fair because the grand majority of coaches are fine people who like children the normal way.

I'm actually surprised that Meg was so moderate in her response to you once I realized what forum we are in.